Madrid Boogie – CD


“Madrid Boogie” in CD format, with 8 pages booklet. Includes free digital download of the album in MP3 320Kb format and the exclusive remixes of “Madrid Boogie” and “Cool Vanilla” by Axphere.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Javier del Águila

Mastered by Nick Litwin

(C) (P) 2008 Keepin’ The Groove


Product Description


1. Madrid Boogie 03:56
2. Cool Vanilla 04:40
3. Stay At Home 04:00
4. Stand Up 04:28
5. Bring Back The Funk 01:42
6. Walkin’ Your Dream 04:34
7. Not In Luck 04:22
8. Mar de las Calmas 03:37
9. MMM Song 04:25
10. Art of Disappearing 03:41
11. Lo Siento 03:28
12. Oriental Glamour 01:52
13. Let’s Freeze 04:32
14. The Guitar 05:29
15. Goodbye 13th Century 03:59
16. Is it Right? 03:49
17. Madrid Boogie remixed by Axphere (bonus track) 05:00
18. Cool Vanilla remixed by Axphere (bonus track) 04:42


Karl Frierson: Main and backing vocals
Ángeles Dorrio: Main and backing vocals
Roman Filiú: Tenor, alto and sopran sax
Mauri Sanchís: Hammond B3
Hansel Luis: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Petur Eiriksson: Trombone
Rosalía Vazquez: Cello
Eduardo Coma: Violin
Sergio Delgado: Keyboards
Fara Álvarez: Sitar
Javier del Águila: Bass, electric guitar, programming


“…an outstanding band in the Spanish soul-funk scene” – Enlace Funk, Spain

“…a sophisticated blend of funk, soul and nu-jazz loaded with glamour and good taste” – Mondo Sonoro, Spain

“…silky grooves for chic dance floors” – Citizen K, Spain

“Best Album of the Year 2008” – Acid Jazz Hispano, Spain

“…don’t overlook the entire album. Its different and in an age where acts are rolling off the Fordist production line I like different!” – Barry Towler, Soulchoonz, UK

“…there’s soul-a-plenty in the Connection’s grooves” – Bill Buckley, Soul and Jazz and Funk, UK

“Madrid Boogie is an acid jazz trip that I really liked by Spanish group VenueConnection” – Ricardito, Soul Tracks, UK

“…hereby recommended” – Jörg Michael Schmitt, Soul Site, Germany

“Crisp horns, jazzy breaks, flaky background vocals, funky Guitars and sparkling keyboard licks at every corner” – Michael Arens, Soul Train, Germany

“It’s not very common to listen to these black-inspired acid jazz sounds in Spain, and less common if they’re so well produced and performed…” – El Mundo, Spain

“Black influences are not prominent in Madrid’s music scene, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great soul and funk bands in the city” – Marty Sattell, In Madrid, Spain

“…a magic album” – Jesús Román, Soul Nation, Spain

“We loved the show, sound was superb!” – Mario Pérez, Supersonido M80, Spain

“100% recommended” – DJ1 Magazine, Spain

“ A big surprise in the Spanish black music scene” – La Ganzúa, Spain

“Madrid Boogie will make you happy from the first time you listen to it” – A Little Beat Online, Spain