Fire It Up! – Vinyl 180 gr


“Fire It Up” in vinyl format, especially mastered, pressed in Record Industry, The Netherlands. Includes free digital download of the whole album (the vinyl includes only 10 songs to preserve the quality of the sound) in MP3 320Kb format and the exclusive remix of “Hide & Seek” by Axphere.


Product Description


1. Fire It Up! 04:57
2. How Does It Feel? 04:43
3. Besame Sol 05:20
4. La Cala 04:32
5. Hide & Seek 04:15
6. Counselor! 04:19
7. I Wanna Know 04:11
8. Happiness 04:52
9. Combination 05:30 (included as digital download, not in vinyl)
10. Let’s Dance 05:47 (included as digital download, not in vinyl)
11. The Little Things 04:55 (included as digital download, not in vinyl)
12. Do Your Thang 04:34  (included as digital download, not in vinyl)
13. So Divine 04:07
14. Movin’ On 06:29
15. Hide & Seek remixed by Axphere (bonus track – included as digital download, not in vinyl)) 06:50


Karl Frierson: Main and backing vocals
Ángeles Dorrio: Main and backing vocals
Igor Prochazka: Rhodes piano, keyboards
Miguel Cabana: Drums and percussion
Román Filiú: Sax
Joserra Zamora: Sax
Jorge Vistel: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Fara Álvarez: Sitar
Javier del Águila: Bass, electric guitar


VenueConnection has topped itself with its biggest pride and joy to date – Fire It Up – which delivers sizzling funk, tasteful slow jams and passionate vocals by Angeles Dorio and Karl Frierson.  This offering harkens to jazz funk’s golden era of the late seventies. And thanks to the crisp foundations from drummer/percussionist Miguel Cabana and Javier del Aguila’s swift bass guitar lines, VenueConnection nails all the groove pockets with sheer precision.